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Data protection

Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH (hereinafter also called: Oncotec GmbH) takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We exclusively raise, use and store your personal data  in accordance with the  provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and all other regulations, which are applicable for data protection.

With the subsequent privacy statement we inform you about kind, range and purpose of the collection and usage of data by Oncotec GmbH.

Subject of data protection

Your personal data are subject of data protection. According to the definition in Article 4 para. 1 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), these are all details, which refer to an identified or identifiable individual. This involves e.g. data such as name, email-address or telephone number and additionally, if applicable, usage data, such as your IP-address.

Data transmission and data recording

For technical reasons, your Internet-Browser automatically submits data to our webserver with the access to our web-pages. Amongst others, this includes date and time of access, the URL of the referring web-page, name of the accessed file, amount of transmitted data, Browser-type and version, operating system as well as your IP-address. These data are separately stored from other data, which you enter as part of the usage of our offer. We are not able to allocate these data to one particular person.  These data are evaluated for statistical purposes and deleted afterwards.


For data collection and data storage, we also use so-called cookies.  Cookies are small packets of information, which are stored in the Web-Browser of your terminal. We use two different kinds of cookies: session-cookies and permanent / login-cookies. Session-cookies are temporary cookies, which are automatically deleted when closing your
Browser. However, permanent / login-cookies are not automatically deleted again. Through this kind of cookies, you are recognized again whenever accessing our web-page and, therefore, this spares you a new login. By cookies, we can retrace your usage behavior and can adjust and improve our Internet-offer accordingly. You can adjust your Internet-Browser in such a way that cookies cannot be saved on your terminal device and / or that already stored cookies are deleted. We would like to point out that you may not be able to use all web-page functions to their fullest extent if the installation of cookies is blocked.


We make every effort to provide the best protection of your data from unauthorized access, perusal, changes or unauthorized disclosure. Unfortunately, we cannot completely exclude that data are intercepted by a third party and used.

Piwik-Analysis Software

Our web-page uses Piwik. Piwik is an analysis-programme for the statistical evaluation of accesses to our web-page. For this, Piwik uses small-sized text files (so-called cookies; see above), which are stored on your computer. The information created by the cookie about the usage of our web-page (inclusive your shortened IP-address) is transmitted to our server and stored there for the purpose of usage analysis. The evaluation is exclusively done on our own servers. In this process, your IP-address is immediately pseudonymized in such a way that you remain anonymous for us as a user. The data collected in this way will not be disclosed to any third parties.

Raising, processing and utilization of data for other purposes

Apart from the purposes for the statistical evaluation of the user behavior as described above, Oncotec GmbH only raises, processes and utilizes these pieces of data that you disclose to us voluntarily.  Whenever we store your personal data, we explicitly point that out to you and we will acquire your consent. A merging of data raised and used for statistical analyses of the user behavior and for the pertinent improvement of our Internet-offers with personal data from the contact-form or from an Online-application is not possible for us.

In detail, we raise personal data for the following contexts, which you voluntarily place at our disposal:


You have the possibility to contact Oncotec GmbH via the contact possibilities provided on our web-page and to submit a request. In each case, we only use data, which you place at our disposal via contacting, for processing your requests. Afterwards, all data are deleted again.


As part of Online-applications, we raise personal data about your person. This information, which you voluntarily make available for us, is only used by the respective Recruiter of Oncotec GmbH and exclusively used within the application procedure and for the purpose of processing your application. If your application is not successful, all data will be anonymes for statistical evaluation 6 months after the completion of the application procedure. This is only not applicable in case you have explicitly approved an extended storage, if this is necessary for serving as evidence or if legal requirements prevent the erasure. We only raise, process and use data, which are necessary for your application, with your explicit consent.

Areas reserved to professional visitors

Professional visitors of our web-page (physicians, pharmacists and members of certain other medical professions) can access to closed areas of our Online-offers, as soon as they have registered accordingly. This registration is done via DocCheck. By means of the password, which you obtain when registering, you will get access to the closed areas of our web-page.

We explicitly point out to you that DocCheck is another Internet Service Provider, to whom you are transferred by Oncotec GmbH within the provided logon screen on its web-page. Oncotec GmbH has no influence on the raising, processing and utilization of your data through DocCheck. Please, inform yourself on DocCheck's web-page about their measures for protecting your personal data.

Right of disclosure and withdrawal

As far as Oncotec GmbH raises, processes or utilizes personal data with your consent, you can revoke this consent at any time and without stating any reasons. Additionally, you have a right to be provided with information free of charge relating to your stored personal data and, where applicable, you can claim their rectification or erasure. If you want to withdraw your privacy consent, obtain information about personal data stored about you or if you want to exercise your right to have these data corrected or deleted, please, contact Oncotec GmbH per mail in written form under the address of Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH,
Am Pharmapark, 06861 Dessau-Roßlau or per email to contact@oncotec.de.

Name and Address of the Data Protection Supervisor 

Mr Volker Markmann
Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH
Am Pharmapark
06861 Dessau-Roßlau
Email: V.Markmann@oncotec.de

In each case, we will immediately respond to your request. However, it can happen that your data saved with us will still be used until your desired rectification or erasure has actually become effective.

Personal data of minors under 14 years of age

Oncotec GmbH does not consciously raise, process and utilize any personal data of minors under 14 years of age unless the legal representatives (e.g. parents) agree with the storage and raising.  In such cases, Oncotec GmbH will inform the legal representatives each time, which personal data are expected to be used for which purpose. Additionally, the legal representatives will be informed that they can withdraw their consent  at any time and that further raising, processing and utilization of data can be prohibited.

Change of the Privacy Statement

Oncotec GmbH reserves the right to change or to amend this privacy statement without giving prior notice. However, this will not restrict any of your rights arising by virtue of this privacy statement without your explicit consent. In case of changes or amendments, you will find the privacy statement in its respective latest version. However, the previous versions will still remain at your disposal for your inspection.


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